Beat The Safe

Once, in the heart of the city, lay an imposing bank, guarded by thick walls and heavy doors. Inside, valuables glittered: rows of gold bars and a sparkling diamond. A fortune that only a few hands will touch.

You, as a group of daring thieves, are going to get this treasure.

Crack the vaults, find the gold and steal the diamond! Beat the Safe consists of game boxes that must be cracked. By completing these game boxes, you earn hints that make the end game possible: steal the diamond!

Beat The Safe is suitable for…

Beat the Safe is suitable for ages 12+ . Puzzling ability and teamwork is the key to winning. The game is also suitable for both large and small groups. Thus, we play the game from 4 to 36 people.

How does Beat The Safe work?

Create groups of two to a maximum of four people. Each team gets its own access key and goes to raid one of the three vaults by playing out 4 game boxes and a diamond game. You play with up to three teams simultaneously in a vault. The team that gets the 4 game boxes open the fastest plays the end game for the diamond. The remaining teams continue to play on the game boxes. The points made can be seen immediately on the screens. That way you always know who is in the best position.

For groups over 20 people, we “link the vaults,” so you all play against each other as teams.

Open the game boxes with your own access key and collect as many points as possible by solving a game box as quickly as possible. The assignments vary greatly and are very surprising. From morse code, riddles and math puzzles to catching frogs and rolling balls.

Players never know beforehand how the game works when they start a game box.

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Crack the vaults, find the gold and steal the diamond!

Beat The Safe

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Beat The Safe

1 hour

Play 1 hour Beat The Safe and rob the 3 safes!

€19.50 p.p.