Axe throwing

Axe throwing is an ancient sport that has been around since the invention of the axe. Only a few years ago, the sport came to the Netherlands and from now on, with All in Eindhoven, Brabant also has a number of official axe throwing courses! The throwing distance is 6.1 meters and the goal consists of 5 parts. Hit the axe in the bullseye, and earn as many points as possible in 50 minutes!

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How does axe throwing work?

The goal consists of 5 parts. If the axe hits the bullseye target, you get 15 points. The first ring accounts for 2 points, the second ring for 5 points, the third ring for 8 points and the fourth, inner ring for 12 points. You may throw a total of 3 times and the total score counts as the final score.

Axe throwing is not just throwing an axe toward the target and hoping you hit it. It requires agility and rhythm. Throwing an axe is not that difficult. But you have to be careful that the lower part of the cutting edge does not touch the target. So it really only has to stick in with the top tip. And you also need to make sure it rotates on its axis at least once. Consistent throwing is the trick. So this sport is mostly about rhythm, agility and patience! And not so much about strength and speed.


Of course, an axe remains a tool of reasonable weight. To ensure safety, we have the following rules:

  • Axe throwing is open only to persons 18 and older.
  • It is not permitted to participate in axe throwing after consuming alcohol.
  • The court must be completely empty, with no one standing next to or behind the goal before you throw.

The game explanation and all safety rules are carefully explained again by our instructor at the start of the game.

Axe throwing: darts for powerhouses!

It goes without saying that axe throwing is something different from a night at the pub or a game of bowling. Although the latter is not even that far from axe throwing in terms of experience! Whereas indoor axe throwing in America still often takes place in an atmospheric shed, we made it a cozy cozy setting. A big difference with bowling, by the way, is that you’ll find that real “primal feelings” come to you! Combine axe throwing with a snack/drink and perhaps another fun activity and you have a top night out! Out and about with family or colleagues? Axe throwing is also a great family, team, and corporate outing!

The minimum age for axe throwing is 18 years. Therefore, this activity is not suitable for children’s parties.


Axe throwing

Minimum of 4 people

€29.50 P.P.