Jeu de Boules

Everyone knows it, but when was the last time you actually played Jeu de Boules! This age-old game, which automatically makes you think of a romantic little square somewhere in downtown Paris, can now also be found just at All in Eindhoven! Boules has huge benefits: you’re getting exercise in a fun way, it’s super accessible, and you can socialize while playing.

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How does Jeu de Boules work?

We have 3 themed bocce courts where you can play to your heart’s content with friends, family and colleagues. Perfect to combine with one of our other activities, by the way!

How to play boules again? Form teams and distribute the balls. At official competitions, there is a coin toss beforehand. If you don’t have a coin, there are two options. Do a draw with the but (by having the other team guess which hand you hold the but in) or, if you have a little more time, throw the but and each team throws a first ball. The team closest to the but may start the game. The team that throws the but may throw the first boule after this.

How does the game and point scoring work?

When team 1 has thrown the first ball, team 2 tries a ball closer the but throw. Here, both team 1’s boule and the but may be knocked away become. When the team taking its turn does not look succeeds place a boule closer to the but than the previous team, remains this team’s turn and may throw a new boule. Only when the team throws a boule closer, or has no boules left, is it the other team’s turn. When all boules have been played, only the team that played a boule gets closest to the but has thrown one (or more) points. Each boule which is closer to the but than the other team’s best boule delivers one point. For example, the team that has thrown 2 boules closer to the but than the other team’s best boule gets 2 points. The team that wins a round of throwing gets to start the next round by throwing the but and the first ball. The game ends once a team has scored 13 points.



Book your own themed bocce court from 4 people and play with friends, family and colleagues

€26.50 per lane