Prison Island

Ready for THE prison adventure? At All in Eindhoven you will now find the international success formula Prison Island, an originally Swedish prison adventure with a mix of game elements that combines the best of the well-known escape rooms and of a cell complex! Prison Island consists of as many as 28 cells and each cell is equipped with a mission. Sometimes tactical, sometimes physical or a puzzle, something for everyone!

Prison Island is suitable for…

Prison Island is suitable for all ages and good teamwork is the key to winning. The game is also suitable for both large and small groups.

How does Prison Island work?

Make groups of two to a maximum of four people and make your way through a cell complex of 28 cells! Each team is given its own access key and, after a briefing, is released into the “prison complex.” Open the cells with your own access key and collect as many points as possible by solving various riddles, puzzles, brainteasers or physical games. The assignments vary greatly and are very surprising. Also, you can play each cell multiple times.

Players never know beforehand how the game works when they step into the cell. Dodge laser beams, solve a riddle in a so-called leaning room, decipher the code as quickly as possible, show off your basketball skills AND find the “escape tunnel”!

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Who will you play Prison Island with?

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Beat the bars

1 hour

Play 1 hour Prison Island and score the most points with your team in our extensive cell complex!

€ 22.50 p.p.

1.5 hours

Play 1.5 hours of Prison Island and score the most points with your team in our extensive cell complex!

€ 29.50 p.p.

2 hours

Play 2 hours of Prison Island and score the most points with your team in our extensive cell complex!

€ 36, - p.p.