General conditions

1. General
1.1 – These conditions as well as Dutch law apply to all agreements of All in Eindhoven, further referred to as: ALL IN EINDHOVEN
1.2 – Opening hours: these are announced on the ALL IN EINDHOVEN Website as well as at the box office. ALL IN EINDHOVEN handles opening hours based on reservations made. ALL IN EINDHOVEN reserves the right, at all times, to close earlier and/or open later.
1.3 – Persons found or expected to be disturbing the order or peace, or exhibiting unsportsmanlike or other annoying behavior, may be denied access to the premises without giving reasons, without any right to return of monies paid.
– Spectators may stay in the Hospitality area only. They should not enter the activity rooms without express permission from the staff.
1.4 – Visitors are not permitted to:
-Smoking in any form or vaping in places, otherwise the designated smoking area outside.
-Fire in any form.
-Drugs to be carried and/or used in any form.
-To consume food and/or drink brought by yourself, without the express permission of ALL IN EINDHOVEN.
-All of the above mentioned prohibitions, if violated may result in immediate removal/refusal, to ALL IN EINDHOVEN, and possible reporting to the police, without any right to a refund of monies paid.
1.6 – In case of discussion of a group arrangement, the contracting party of ALL IN EINDHOVEN will be held responsible and liable for conduct and damage caused by participants in the booked arrangement.
1.7 – ALL IN EINDHOVEN shall at all times have the right, based on persons under the influence, of drink and/or drugs, to deny access to the premises, without any right to a refund of monies paid.
1.8 – The copyright of visual material recorded during an activity of All in Eindhoven remains at all times the property of All in Eindhoven BV. All in Eindhoven reserves the right to use this visual material for promotional purposes.


2. Reservations
2.1 – All quotations and offers of ALL IN EINDHOVEN are entirely without obligation.
2.2 – In case of booking, the specified number of participants is binding 14 days before the start.
2.3 – Any changes to the confirmation must be communicated no later than 2 weeks before the start of the reservation and may differ by a maximum of 10%. After that, the number of people is binding and the number of reserved seats must also be paid for.
2.4 – If all or part of a booking is cancelled, the following charges are due…:
-Up to 3 months before the date of the booking: 25% of the total cost
-Up to 2 months before the date of the booked 50% of the total cost
-Up to 1 month before the date of the booked 75% of the total cost
-For a shorter period 100% of the total costs All this does not affect the recovery of possible other damages, caused by the cancellation.
-Mostly a reservation can be rescheduled free of charge, should the placed booking be unable to go ahead for any reason. ALL IN EINDHOVEN reserves, at all times, the right to still charge a cancellation fee.
-Corona note: Should the Corona measures be tightened so that the package can no longer go ahead, the above cancellation fees will be forfeited and there will be
reasonably sought an appropriate solution. Changing the number of people within 7 days before the start without incurring any costs is possible if the cancellation is due to a Corona (tested positive yourself or someone close to you). In doing so, a
doctor’s note can be requested, it must then be supplied.
2.5 -Although the management of ALL IN EINDHOVEN will sympathetically consider a request to amend, supplement or correct a concluded agreement, there is no
single obligation.
2.6 – ALL IN EINDHOVEN reserves at all times the right to replace the buffet with an alternative buffet of the same quality/price. If this will be applicable, it will be communicated to you in advance.
2.7 – ALL IN EINDHOVEN reserves at all times the right to move a reservation made, without any right to a refund.


3. Liability
3.1 – ALL IN EINDHOVEN is in no way liable for damages incurred by the signatory of an agreement or third parties in connection with services or goods provided, unless the damage is caused by gross negligence in the performance of this agreement.
3.2 – The Bijlwerpen activity at ALL IN EINDHOVEN is done entirely at your own risk, and ALL IN EINDHOVEN is not liable in any way. There are strict safety regulations which, at all times, must be followed as well as instructions from employees.
3.3 – ALL IN EINDHOVEN shall in particular not be liable for damages if these damages are (partly) caused by failure to comply with established rules or on-site instructions given by ALL IN EINDHOVEN employees.
3.4 – In case non-attributable failure delays or prevents the performance of the agreement, ALL IN EINDHOVEN shall be entitled to cancel the agreement without giving any right to compensation.
3.5 – ALL IN EINDHOVEN is not liable for loss of money and/or property of third parties including signer. This also applies to delivery by denominators of goods etc. to personnel of ALL IN EINDHOVEN.
3.6 – Complaints will only be considered by ALL IN EINDHOVEN if made directly to authorized personnel. Upon leaving the premises, the right to complain expires.

4. Payment
4.1 All prices include. VAT unless otherwise indicated. Payment is made directly by pin at the start of the arrangement, or in advance within the period set by ALL IN EINDHOVEN. If payment is not made within the period set by ALL IN EINDHOVEN, ALL IN EINDHOVEN reserves the right to cancel the reservation. This does not affect the payment obligation of the booking party.
4.2 All payments must be made by PIN card at the office of ALL IN EINDHOVEN, or by bank transfer to a bank account designated by ALL IN EINDHOVEN.
4.3 Without the express written permission of ALL IN EINDHOVEN, it is not permitted to offset any payment obligation to ALL IN EINDHOVEN , with a claim against ALL IN EINDHOVEN on any account whatsoever.
4.4. In case of non-payment, late payment or improper fulfillment of any obligation resting upon the booking party, the latter will be deemed to be in default by operation of law and ALL IN EINDHOVEN will be entitled, without any notice of default being required, to charge the booking party 1.5% interest per month on the entire amount due from the due date, without prejudice to any other rights accruing to ALL IN EINDHOVEN, including the right to recover from the booking party all costs related to the collection, both judicial and extrajudicial, the latter for a minimum of 10% of the amount due with a minimum of € 150.00.